HTML5 Video: Lessons Learned

by Cody Leach 12/4/2012

We recently completed a web project for a client where videos were an integral part of the site. When the client came to us, they had already vetted their design ideas and had an outside firm create a final site design. Nearly every page of the site was to have a video on it that would help inform and guide the user. After reviewing the designs with the client, we decided to create an HTML5 site as a single-page implementation where we would swap content in and out. Having settled on HTML5, we thought the videos would be easy to implement since we could leverage the new HTML5 video tag. Never having done any HTML5 video work before, we were surprised when things didn’t work out of the box as expected. More...

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Exclude Those Unit Tests!

by Nate Lowry 6/28/2012

Do you have a unit test that you don’t want to run in the nightly build? No problem. More...

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Running a Service as an Application

by Chad Michel 10/20/2011

Windows services are really cool, but they can be a little bit of a pain to work with. To debug a windows service, the typical model requires you to attach to the services process. This is incredibly annoying after you do it for the 10th time, but the good news is there's an easy alternative. More...

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Software Engineering

Load Testing in Visual Studio 2010

by Adam Miller 9/29/2011

Have you ever wondered if your custom data access code is any more efficient than simply loading a DataTable? Not that I'd recommend using DataTables except for certain situations, but Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate makes it easy to load test your data access classes to determine performance. More...

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Testing Session in MVC in Four Lines of Code

by Paul Bauer 3/22/2011

Controller testing in the model-view-controller (MVC) is simple. ‚ÄčThe level of difficulty is increased with the use of Session in the controller, but only slightly. In this post I show how to simply test controllers which use Session. More...

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