The Odd-yssey: My Epic Journey Chasing Down Webpage Performance Issues

by Nate Lowry 7/2/2014

No debugging adventure is boring.

As a case in point, I was recently trying to nail down the cause of some weird behavior experienced by a specific customer with a specific setup on a specific mobile device running EliteForm’s Paperless application. The majority of the work on Paperless was completed by our student-lead Design Studio team so I wasn’t fully sure of all the nuances in the code. They did an awesome job with the app and ran into many of these issues along the way, but as often happens with code there’s always another bug hiding somewhere. More...

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Load Testing in Visual Studio 2010

by Adam Miller 9/29/2011

Have you ever wondered if your custom data access code is any more efficient than simply loading a DataTable? Not that I'd recommend using DataTables except for certain situations, but Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate makes it easy to load test your data access classes to determine performance. More...

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Single-Stepping Through MS Code

by Ben Origas 5/10/2011

Microsoft allows you to single-step through the framework code via Visual Studio 2008/10. To enable this under 2010 is trivial. More...

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